Learn how Shair is helping Richmond tap into a new approach to tackling air pollution

Our webinar will help you turn data from your air quality sensors into easily accessible and highly actionable insights

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Understand how new, collaborative technologies are transforming how communities think about air quality

Learn how Shair helped Richmond tap into a new approach to tackle air quality issue

Uncover how collaborating and sharing data with the public can help drive positive change

Perfect for Air Quality Decision Makers, including: Air Quality Specialists, Policy Professionals, Government and Community Leaders

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What we'll cover

17th March at 8am Pacific Time

  • The challenge facing Richmond and why existing data just wasn’t enough to truly bring change

  • How Groundwork Richmond is bringing a new level of clarity to the community with the most detailed real-time air quality maps on the market

  • How the evolution of technology caused by sensors is driving an evolution in modeling techniques to answer the new questions brought on by new data

  • The new methods of air quality modeling being adopted by cities around the world and how this will change the way cities clear the air

  • Seize the opportunity to live chat with others from the field and Q&A with presenters
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About Shair

We are passionate about improving our cities to be healthier and more livable by leveraging new technologies and our deep air quality domain knowledge. 

Ramboll’s worldwide air quality practice is characterized by the highest level of technical and scientific skills, informed by the specific needs of our clients. 

We possess unique expertise in air quality modeling and sensor science, and are the developers of a state- of-the-science photochemical grid model CAMx and street level pollution model Shairstreet.

We are a group of data scientists, engineers, meteorologists, and air quality practitioners that are empowering governments and communities to tackle harmful air pollution.

60 mins | March 17th 2020 | 8am Pacific Time

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Join Julia Luongo, PhD, Managing Director of Shair

Matt Holmes, Executive Director of Groundwork Richmond

Join Julia Luongo, PhD, Managing Director of Shair

Learn how Richmond combined new data sources with the latest models for a new level of understanding in air quality management.

Get first-hand insight on how to apply the latest techniques in air quality modeling for a new level of understanding

Live Q & A with experts from Shair, Groundwork and City Of Richmond

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Connect and network with industry

Live demonstration of the models in action

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Abigail Carlstad, Open Data Analyst and Strategist, Richmond Open Data Project